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In The Other World

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My Responsibilities
VFX Artist
Sound Designer

Aired Live On
Mahidol Media & Communications’
Amuseum Thesis Exhibition

In The Other World is a short science-fiction-based thriller film aimed to tackle the possibility of a dream-sharing technology and the greed of some individuals which led to the conflict in the story. My position as a director is to find a way to best convey the message and the story to the audience as effectively and in the most entertaining way possible. This is a short film that will try to differentiate from the other common genres in a student film by integrating a unique way of story-telling and an unusual concept. In this blog, I will walk through the core concept of the film, how it came together, the journey from the pre-production through post-production and, the problems we faced along the way.

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The Story

In 1993, two Thai scientists started researching human brain neural functions and developed a way for two human subjects to be able to share dreams together through a machine linked between two subjects. The first two subjects were themselves and they successfully finished the trial and published their research. The public response was mixed but they still managed to get funding from the government to further develop their technology which would have unlocked many potential businesses. Though in 1997, the Thai financial crisis hits and the funding has been abruptly shut off. One of the scientists suggests the machine they built can be much more than just a dream-sharing machine and can be reconfigured to change a subject’s way of thinking, morals, or even memories, effectively “reprogramming” their brains. He further elaborates that they could monetize it, selling services to corporations, politicians, and governments. However, the other scientist begs to differ, he was all against the idea of it. They had their arguments and finally parted ways (Figure 3.1). Later on, the other scientist actually discovers a way to unlock the machine’s potential but found it too dangerous to be used on anyone. He decided to lock it up with a 4-digit passcode and only kept it to himself, naming it “master code”. He goes on to live his life until his early death due to cerebrovascular disease, but before his death, he left behind the 4-digit code to his children, “Pine” and, “Peak”. But on the other side of the coin, the expelled scientist plotted his plan to obtain the code, and the software behind it by any means necessary.

Honorable Mentions
Gear Head Rentals
Baan Film
Vibhavadhi Palace
Headroom Studio

Special Thanks
Apisit Techajirasin | Location
Napat Likitawong | DOP & Colorists
Metapon Prakthong | Senior & Actor

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