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Made Made

  • (2021)
In The Other World

In The Other World

“A disaster waiting to struck.” — a thesis project exploring a concept of dream-sharing, along with greed and thirst for revenge. How far can one go?

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  • (2018)


“Maybe I have a condition, or am I just falling in love…” — a short romantic feel-good film following a nerdy girl who seeks to find out what her feelings are… perhaps, love?

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  • (2019)

A documentary which emphasizes on the relations between contemporary Thai and western instruments. Told by five different experienced instrumentalists with different opinions.

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ฮาวทูเท.. เทอย่างไรไม่ให้ติดเอฟ (ฮาวทูทิ้ง PARODY)

Amuseum – Thesis Exhibition

“Sound Over Image” – a documentary

The Picnik – Live Session